Electrical Contractors’ View on the Importance of Electrical Safety

Why We Need Electrical Experts

Electrical contractors are not hired for the sake of merely having electricity and power in your homes or commercial settings. For them, the health and safety of your electrical system should be given utmost importance. Electrical contractors are expert people in terms of their craft. Any mistake or miscalculation on what they do will tarnish their reputation. Besides, they are the people in the community that comprise one of the most essential needs of man. Without these experts to provide us with the most effective electrical installation, our everyday lives will be significantly affected.

Electrical safety refers to the system of measures and technical expertise to keep us away from harmful and detrimental effects of faulty wiring, low quality electrical parts, and low maintenance of the entire electrical system. Thus, only highly qualified electricians are trusted to install, control, and maintain anything regarding electrical system.

Facts to know to keep your home and office safe

The workplace and home should be free from any electrical hazard. Accidents in these places happen when electric devices are mishandled. Electricians know the perils of having contact with open electrical circuits, faulty wiring, poor cabling, and using of low-grade equipment as these are highly fatal. Expert electrical contractors ensure that people are equipped with essential information on electrical safety that will put them away from freak accidents.

How to suspect when something is wrong

Conducting safety assessment should be done periodically in your home or business. To do so, seek the help of a professional electrical contractor to identify the faults that may not seem obvious. His role in such a job is highly crucial, as your entire electrical system will depend on it on a day-to-day basis.

The expert electrician can easily decipher when power systems are properly placed even at first glance. They follow certain guidelines in wiring and cabling, and they know which wires should be kept away from hazards and do not require delicate installation. High-voltage wires should be held behind thick walls that serve as an insulator.

Tags and colours are a big help

Wiring colours and electrical cable colour coding standards are essential wiring information for electricians. Each wire in your box or circuit has a specific colour assigned to it that performs a particular function. In an electrical system, these colour coding should be treated with caution. Attempting to do a do-it-yourself in an electrical system is a delicate matter. If you have no idea what these are all about, seek the help of your certified electrician.

If your electrician finds out that the electrical wiring in your home uses old wires, it can cause harm. So, have the maintenance be conducted immediately if you live in an old house or building. Not only you save time and life but your money as well in paying more hours for the electrician’s fee.

Our Portsmouth electricians are keen on detecting worn-out cables and displaced wires or corroded sections. They carry with themselves specialized equipment to fix any electrical trouble.

Smart electrical tips for health and safety

Below are smart tips to ensure our place is safe at all times:

  • When we see multiple open outlets, we tend to use them all. Never overload them as they will cause a fire.
  • If you already have an extension with multi-outlets, never attach it to another similar extension.
  • Equipment that has not passed a quality check or has not been approved by a national regulatory on electrical systems should not be used.
  • Hide electrical cords from ubiquitous places to avoid trips and fire.
  • Pulling the cord without touching the plug will damage the cord seriously.
  • Avoid using electrical appliances near water, except of course for washing machines that have grounding wires.
  • Use only electrical tapes for exposed wires. Do not cover them under mats or attempt to use tapes other than the electrical tape.
  • Before servicing a damaged device, make sure it is unplugged.

Good appliance complements healthy electrical system

To ensure a safe electrical system, residents of homes or commercial buildings should also check whether electrical appliances are in good condition. Our daily activities are dependent mostly on electrical appliances, from vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, to microwaves, and any electrical device.

Faulty appliances are at high risk and may overload your electrical system. For example, mobile phones get frequently charged and plugged in to the outlet, leaving bloated batteries which are hazardous.What’s worse is that these are harmful to use near combustible materials or substances. Check with your certified electrician if the electrical devices in your home are still under compliance with specific electrical regulations.

Find Your Experts

Electrical safety should not be compromised. It is good to save, but it is better to be safe. We at Electrician Portsmouth understand that only the experts can deliver the best when it comes to safety and efficiency. Our licensed electricians have covered services on reputable organisations, making us one of the most reputable electrical safety providers in the UK. Call us now for a free assessment.