Landlords: Is it a legal Requirement For Appliance Testing?

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“As a landlord, are you required by law to have all the appliances in your property tested?”

You most likely have seen this question asked and posted by property owners quite a lot. In fact, it ranks as among the most popular questions. There is one side that believes that it is a legal requirement and that any property owner who doesn’t do it is breaking the law. On the other hand, there are those who believe that it’s an important measure but it isn’t a must or mandated by law. This debate has left many people, both landlords and tenants, a bit confused. So, who’s right?

What is Property Appliance Test?
This test is carried out on all the appliances on a property. The Portable Appliance Tests (PATs) targets moveable items that are powered by electricity. These include microwaves, hoovers, electric kettles, table lamps, coffee machines, toasters and much more. As we know electrical appliances will age over time and their performance will dip. This will lead to poor operation, energy wastage, inefficiency, and also increase electrical accidents. Take the case of a blender or toaster that has frayed wires or a table lamp with a corroded terminal or burnt out plugs or sockets? Usually, a visual inspection is all it takes to identify such flaws and this only takes a few minutes.

When should it be performed?
Appliance test is normally undertaken during the tenancy period before a tenant moves into a premise, and at least once every two years. The landlord will check everything to ensure the appliances are in top shape. No frayed wires, no rusty or corroded parts, no loose connection, and much more. The law states that it is the landlord’s responsibility to make certain that the property is safe for the tenant. Undertaking PAT helps to identify any potential risks and then dealing with them. It may be a simple fuse or bulb holder replacement or a replacement of an appliance. In the end, the tenants should feel safe when operating the appliances.

What are the benefits?

Truth is that properties appliance test comes with several benefits to both the tenant and the landlord. The most notable are as follows:

-Safety: Ensuring the appliances are in good order guarantees of the tenant and his/her guest of safety. Possibly of a short in the circuit, electric shock, fires, and other electrical accidents are minimal.

-Energy Efficiency: According to electricians and experts, worn out or poorly maintained appliances draw more current and this increases the monthly power bills. Rust, corrosion, loose or weak connections increase resistance and this causes the electrical systems to work overtime.

-Prevents accident: An electric shock may lead to a user dropping the toaster or blender leading to an accident or damage. An overheating appliance may start a fire that can engulf the property.

-Minimal conflict: No landlord wants to be in conflict with a tenant because of poorly maintained or worn-out appliances. Undertaking the test is the best way to avoid such scenes.

-Peace-of-mind: Both the landlord and tenant will have peace-of-mind knowing that all the appliances are completely safe. The tenant will be confident when using it while the landlord will feel happy that the tenant is content.

Is it a legal requirement?

Legally speaking, a property appliance test isn’t mandatory. Yes, it is a practice that is encouraged by authorities and agencies, but the landlord is not legally bound by any law. He/she can do it out of his/her own will. However, experts including Electrical Safety First encourage landlords to ensure the appliances are inspected at least after every 2 years and before a new tenant moves in. The test only costs a few pounds but could save you from high costs resulting from electrical accidents or e being sued by a tenant.

In Conclusion

Although property appliance test isn’t mandatory, it is encouraged by experts. They also advise people to seek assistance from well-known and reputable electricians. Electrician Portsmouth UK is a renowned company that has been providing the service for many decades. Its team of experienced electricians will physically inspect the cables, plugs, and sockets to make sure there is no damage. And in case they do, they will offer the best solution which may be to repair the damaged section or replacing the entire thing. The reputable company offers a warranty on the service and is always readable available for assistance. By visiting their website at, you’ll be able to get more insight into the tests and other services. You can also call them at 02393 960142 or still use the website to get a free quote.