5 Questions to ask your Electrician

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Whenever there is an electrical fault or problem in your home, office, business premise or any other place, you like many other people will call the local electrician. He/she will come over, inspect the problem and offer a solution. This may be to replace a burnt fuse, repair faulty wiring, trace a short circuit, or it could even involve overhauling the entire wiring. However, do you know that many people have received services from unqualified and unlicensed providers? Due diligence involves you asking the service provider some questions. These are the 5 questions to ask your electrician

1. Are you licensed, insured, and bonded?

This is among the key questions you need to ask your electrician in Portsmouth or in any other location. Truth is that like in any other trade, there is always a risk of things going wrong. The ladder may fall on an item, a short circuit may damage an electronic item or appliance, or you may get injured. The right firm will be licensed meaning they have proper training and have been given the green light to offer the service. The firm will also be insured just in case it damages a property or a person gets injured. It’s important to verify the licenses to ensure they are up to date.

2. How long have you been in operation?
Would you want a complete novice handling your electrics? Of course not! Unfortunately, many people do this unknowingly. And due to this many have seen their property go up in flames or the situation becoming worse. As the old adage goes” Experience is the best teacher”, you should always seek services from a highly experienced service provider. Due to the long-term exposure, the firm will have dealt with many types of problems. They will, therefore, take a shorter time to diagnose a problem and also offer the right solution. Visiting the company’s website or talking to people will shed more light on a firm’s experience.

3. Is your business licensed?
You will be surprised by the number of people who have dealt with an unlicensed business. Just because a firm is operating or advertising its services doesn’t mean it is licensed. Some companies are licensed to undertake certain tasks but not others. For instance, they may be okayed to carry out repairs, install fixtures and fittings, but are not allowed to do a complete electrical installation. Hiring such a company for your fresh installation may be disastrous and comes with legal consequences. It is paramount to make certain the electrician is fully licensed to offer the service at hand.

4. Whose handles’ the work?
Did you know that there are many broker firms which although registered as electrical contractors delegate the service to a subcontractor? In case of a follow-up, it may become a little challenging to seek recourse. By asking the company who offers or will be providing service, you’ll get to find out if it’s the owner, the employees, or a subcontractor. Generally, you should always seek the service from the owner or employees since it’s much easier to handle any issues that may arise. The insurance on the company will cover the employees but may not cover the subcontractor. You should also avoid dealing with apprentices or workers who aren’t under supervision.

5. Do you give a warranty?
Before letting an electrician handle the wiring or electricals in your home, office and other premises, you should first ask about a warranty. You don’t want the installer fitting a faulty part or delivering shoddy service and getting away with it. Do you? A competent firm offers a warranty on both parts and workmanship. And it won’t just be variable but will be written. You should carefully read the fine print to make sure it covers what the firm is handling. You also should be wary or sub-clauses that may exonerate the firm.

Final Thoughts
There you have it. 5 questions to ask your electrician when he comes over the next time. By seeking the answers, you will be more at peace knowing that you are dealing with a reputable, experienced, licensed, and insured professional. The last thing you want is making the situation worse or even risking burning down your property due to poor writing.

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