5 Reasons Why You Should Install Solar Electricity

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Have you installed a solar system in your home? Or are you planning to do so in the near future? If you are yet to embrace this technology or haven’t thought about it, you are missing out big time. Probably, you may think that this alternative form of energy is most suitable for people living in remote areas or off the grid. But, you are wrong.

According to the latest statistics, more and more people globally are embracing solar energy. And the United Kingdom is at the forefront and ranks sixth in the world after China, Japan, Germany, United States, and Italy. The market coverage is currently at 3.8% (11,600 MW) and is expected to rise to 22,000MW by 2020. Truth is solar is the energy of the future and is here to stay. But why should you adopt it?


1. Green Clean Energy

We all know what it takes to produce coal, petroleum and also to run generators or boilers. Lots of toxic fumes, dirt, dust, and a polluted environment. With solar energy, none of this happens. You get green and safe energy that safeguards you, your family, and the community as a whole. All it takes is fitting the right photovoltaic (PV) panel, a charge controller (regulator), battery(s), and proper wiring. With proper installation, not only do you get energy similar to that from the grid but also protect the environment.


2. No Power Interruptions

Don’t we hate blackouts and power interruptions? I mean, who wants to stay in the dark, being unable to watch television, or use electrical appliances or devices? You may also be forced to run a power generator which is not only noisy but also increases your running costs. Unfortunately, the interruptions are bound to occur due to bad weather messing with the poles, wires, and transformers, or an aging power network or overloaded system. Well, getting a solar system is the best solution to these problems. You are completely in control of the system since its off grid and won’t be affected by heavy downpour, strong winds, a motorist hitting a pole, and upgrading it is much easier that the grid system


3. Cost Effective

The cost of power in the UK has been gradually rising as demand for the precious commodity continues to rise. Unfortunately, the supply isn’t able to sustain the demand. You can beat this trap by installation a solar energy system that will be used for emergencies, backup, or for day-to-day operations. The main cost of this power option is installing the solar panels, charge controller, wiring, battery, and labour charges. Due to improved technology, Modern PV panels can last for as many as 25-30 years. And the only thing that needs infrequent replacement is the battery (usually after 3 years). You no longer get monthly power bills, and if used as a secondary option, it will lower the cost.


4. Power in Your Hands

Employees at the power generators companies may down their tools. The generator may breakdown or fuel supply may run out. Bad weather, vandalism may also mean you being in the dark for quite some time. All these issues are beyond your control and hence you can do nothing about it. But with solar power, you are in full control. You share the grid/network with no one, you choose the system depending on your needs and wants, and you can always undertake any upgrade without requiring approvals or licenses from the authorities. And since the sun will always be there, except for a few fully cloudy days, you have instant power at all times.


5. Property Value Increases

Did you know that a property with a solar system is likely to fetch a higher price in the market? An undeniable truth is that solar energy uptake has been quite impressive. People desire the freedom, independence, and convenience. But many people aren’t fully conversant with the system. So when a potential property owner comes across a home installed with a solar system, he/she is always willing to up the price. The additional price is always several times that of the entire solar system and this is a plus for the owner. And considering that the costs of the accessories (PV, battery, controller…) are declining isn’t it better to install the solar system?


Final Word

Solar energy is without-a-doubt one of the best if not the best form of energy in the market. It is completely green and doesn’t pollute or emit poisonous fumes, it doesn’t contribute to environmental degradation (deforestation, soil erosion, land destruction through mining…), and can be installed almost anywhere. You won’t be affected by interruptions due to blackouts, fallen poles, bad weather, the installation is easy, and you don’t incur monthly power bills.


Nonetheless, for you to enjoy these plus more benefits, you need to engage a qualified, experienced, certified, and reputable installer. Electrician Portsmouth UK is a firm well-known for undertaking solar installations. We pride on a skilled team of installers who leave nothing to chance when offering the service. Our company offers a wide range of solutions to meet your needs whether domestic or commercial. And for peace-of-mind, we use only the best products and offer a guarantee on the accessories as well as the service. Need more details on solar energy or the company? How about you stopping by our website or giving us a call?