7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Driveway Builder

7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Driveway Builder

With the increasing numbers of tradespeople doing driveway services, the number of prudent and meticulous clients who want to avail of these services is also increasing. This means that the trust rate of some business is falling even as they hold on to their dear life and keep mending their shortcomings.

To secure yourself as a client or customer, a reputable driveway and patio builder in Newcastle developed 10 questions that will serve as metrics when hiring a driveway contractor.

Before you engage with the business, as a consumer, be sure to equip yourself with the basic knowledge of the ins and outs of the building industry. This, including driveway and patio builders, must comply with the existing rules imposed by authorised units and government agencies and prove their business has genuine undertaking at all costs.

Ask These Questions Before Entering a Contract

1. How long have you been in the building business?

The length of your business in the construction industry is a measure of the business’ mettle because this will check its resiliency in facing ups and downs and hard challenges that enable them to deliver the job in an excellent way.

2. What types of services do you offer?

If a contractor cannot specify what they really do, it’s time to doubt their craft. A reputable business and the one that’s been in the industry for long must have served many customers along the way and can explain quickly the services they offer. For example, in building driveways and patios, the contractor must be able to furnish information on the types of paving they do. Vague information will let customers go away and find other providers.

3. Do you have a list of prices and fees?

Rogue contractors hate this question. Oftentimes, they go around the bush explaining this and that. Or, if the price of the project is too cheap, it is doubtful because, in the end, it might surprise you with hidden fees.

4. Who are you working with?

Contractors should be able to present their group before embarking on the driveway project so that the customer knows who are the people he is paying for. It might be that contractors will bring non-certified builders to do the job, from which the customer’s warranty may lose its effect. And if these people are professional builders, there’s no chance to leave their mess behind. Always ready to clean up when wrapping up is one quality of a professional worker.

5. Is the business registered?

You don’t want to be scammed by fly-by-night Driveway contractors. If you do that, they can ask for upfront but do not show up during the actual schedule of work.

H3>6. Do you have a showroom or a portfolio of past jobs?

Customers would often ask these, as this will serve as their reference in choosing the right driveway or patio for them. If you are prepared to show them you have high chances of being chosen to assume the project.

7. Do you have a contract to which I can sign on?

A legitimate driveway builder, who’s in the industry for many years, must furnish a written contract to every customer before starting the job. And in that contract, specifics like length of work, warranties, money-back guarantees, discounts, and project expectations should be found.

An honest contractor knows what he’s dealing with. Along with his team, they must assure the homeowner they will comply with the contract. A lengthy job where workers never finish on the agreement could have workers who work subpar. However, those who are too quick to finish the job could be that the job is of poor quality as it is done in haste.

Unfinished driveway

Also, when the job is done but the client found some discrepancy in the work, the building team should be reachable or easy to contact. Non-responsive contractors have doubtful reputations.

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