Electrician Portsmouth UK Launch 2 New Locations

With the increasing demand for electrical-related jobs around your home and in all business settings every day, you need to ensure that your place is safely wired, and all the equipment which is composed of electrical motors and control systems are well maintained.

Our homes depend on an electrical contractor that supplies electricity services, which is an integral structure of our modern living. As we keep our houses equipped with electrical appliances and devices, from lights to switches, we depend on electricity day in and day out. It is the likely setting for business and commercial establishments but on a wider scope. Centralised boilers and security alarms and devices, accessibility devices such as elevators and escalators, and centralised air-conditioning make up these buildings.

Electricians at Portsmouth

Drayton Electricians Take Care of Residential and Commercial Contracts


Electrician Portsmouth UK – Drayton, 34 Central Road, Portsmouth PO6 1QG

The company realises the importance of such need so they are proud to launch two new locations in Portsmouth—one in Buckland and the other is in Drayton. The new locations are primarily established to cater to customers in the area of Portsmouth. Company owner James Vardy saw the need and collaborates his decision with his trusted partners to cover the needs of their customers in terms of all aspects of electrical service doing safe electrical contracting. This includes installation and maintenance of electrical systems, upgrading, appliance testing, rewiring, installation of residential and commercial security cameras, safety alarms, landlord certificate, outdoor lighting, and solar panel installations.

What The Electricians in Buckland are capable of


Buckland residents and business owners can now enjoy the services of one of the leading electrical service provider in Hampshire. Similarly, people of Drayton can avail these services from a highly reliable company with staffs that are certified and highly qualified to implement and complete any electrical undertaking.

Even bigger and more complicated jobs the trusted tradesmen of the firm can handle them. For 20 years and counting, this established  service provider does fuse board replacement, install emergency and energy-saving lighting, and keeps your electrical system healthy and safe.

Trusted Company Expands Across The City

Their staff’s accreditation in the industry executes sensitive tasks in all settings. In business alone, your premise has to function in observing safety in all corners. The men at Portsmouth are insured to deliver the job at industry’s standards. They are aware of the dangers of uncompleted projects and they never want to compromise their good reputation in the history of having all contracts completed successfully.

light installation

Sometimes, a householder would not replace a broken socket for fear of electrocution. When you bought a new appliance, for example, an additional air conditioner or smoke alarm, you need somebody who can handle the electrical aspect. In fear of compromising safety and life, homeowners would rather call a licensed electrician immediately. It is both securing your life and ensuring that the devices are installed by a skilled person. Wherever you are in Portsmouth, either in Buckland, Drayton, you will get the same unparalleled professional service their trusted contractors do for many years.

If you need further information on the services Electrician Portsmouth deliver, visit their website or call these numbers: Southsea—02393 960142; Drayton—02393 960208; and Buckland—02393 960156.