Free Quotations on Landscaping Services Offered by a Newcastle Driveway Builder

A driveway and patio builder in Newcastle is offering free quotations on their landscaping services. What is a quotation in business? And why do some businesses never offer this for free?

A quotation or a business quote is a list of prices stipulated in a document to be released by the proponent company when it wants to offer its services. A seller of services, like landscaping services, issues a quotation when a potential client or customer asks for it. This document lists down all the prices of materials, labour, taxes, and other fees that may affect the final agreement of the landscaping project.

The quotation also includes the duration of the project and completion.

Newcastle Driveway Builder is a professional landscaping provider in the northeast of England and its surrounding areas. As part of their promotional thrusts, they offer no-obligation or free quotes for those interested to engage in a landscaping project.

With 15 years solid years in the building industry, the team in Newcastle Driveway and Patio builder has been giving free quotations to their prospective clients. They believe that people will be able to discover more about their business through free quotes. It is one way of establishing good relations with customers and tradespeople of the same interest.

Pavers on the works

Why does a business quote matter?

Preparing a quotation is not an easy job. Because prices vary from time to time based on several factors. Just like an invoice, a quotation states all the necessary payments to be made. The difference is that this is given before the project will transpire. More importantly, the quotation does not oblige a potential customer to pay because there is no final agreement yet. It only serves as a point of contact in case the client decides to pursue the project. However, the decision from the customer should not take long as the prices change depending on the conditions.

Not a business proposal

It is important to understand that a quotation is not a business proposal. Though it may look like it, it is more similar to an invoice as mentioned above, but handed over in advance.

A business proposal, on the other hand, is likely of a more detailed version of a quotation. Because from the proposal, you will find the overall specifications for the materials to be used and it involves large bidding projects.

A quotation lists the prices for the client to know, while a proposal aims to win over a competitor. Also, quotes contain exact amounts or prices but a proposal contains estimates instead of fixed prices.

Preparing your quotation to hitch a project

While your quotation is being written, businesses should think ahead that a price too high or too low may lose the chance for the project. It should reflect the quality of workmanship and the products involved.

Another good quality of a winning quotation is if the details are laid with full transparency. This displays good ethics and professionalism that will forge trust with future customers.

A professional and accurate quotation has a plus when it is sent out to prospective customers for free. Sometimes, this is known as a no-obligation quote. A proponent can request for a quotation when he clicks the inquiry button which assures “no obligation” to buy or engage.

At Newcastle Driveway & Patio, you can expect excellent job and workmanship of their people. You can choose from tarmacs, gravel, resin bound, block paving, or concrete for your driveway surface or patio pavements. 

If you are interested in what they do, check their website or call their representatives through their hotline: 0191 666 0350.