Newcastle Driveway Business to Promote Eco-Friendly Materials

A sustainable driveway company in Newcastle has released its eco-friendly tips to its clients and fellow tradespeople on using eco-friendly materials in their manufacturing and ensure that their requisition and use of materials should come from renewable sources.

Newcastle Driveways & Patio Pro believes in the green objectives

To recall, the government is an advocate of green homes and that it is keen on giving incentives to those who can lower their carbon footprints to achieve a clean and sustainable environment.

Plants and manufacturers, especially those in the milling and mining industry, make use of materials that deplete the Earth’s resources, leaving it barren and making people sick in the event that these raw materials come from non-renewable sources.

Technologies in manufacturing are being developed to protect sustainable construction materials. And from this huge process, companies are observing the green objective by ensuring that the materials they use in their building projects, thus, for example, source of aggregates used in driveways and pavings will not harm the environment.

Newcastle Driveway and Patio Pro believes in the concept of renewable sources. The best way to build an eco-friendly driveway or patio is by using environment-friendly materials. As we know, quarrying has a damaging impact on the ecosystem. It causes soil erosion, denuded topsoil, and sand damage from marble quarrying. Through the years, the construction industry has become dependent on processes that deplete the Earth’s resources. Eventually, the malpractice causes environmental impacts that are irreversible.

To save our resources, green homes advocates push the idea to builders by incorporating green measures through the utilisation of green products in their building materials and supply.

Why eco-friendly?

With the continued decline of fossil fuels, the alarming global warming, and the increasing energy bills in all industries and homes, it is time to reduce energy consumption coming from the harmful sources and switch to green energy in order to survive.

A material, even if it is non-eco-friendly, can become environment friendly based on the construction technique applied.

Properties of eco-friendly building materials:

  • Renewable
  • Biodegradable
  • Reusable
  • Aids energy efficiency in buildings
  • Reuse of waste product
  • Locally available
  • Reduction in air, land, and water pollution

Resin Bound Newcastle Company

When building a resin driveway or adding a patio, eco-minded companies make use of these recommendations in their undertakings. For example, driveways can use recycled steel and precast concrete. Instead of sourcing from newly manufactured steel bars needed for the reinforcement of the driveway base, reclaimed steel saves energy costs.

Concrete and asphalt are good in absorbing water, preventing flooding in driveways because of an efficient run-off water channel. Another good material to use as pavement are those highly permeable which allow rain to run through the ground.

Hard landscaping, fence, and gates can take advantage of bamboo. Bamboo is a material in itself that is highly sustainable because it grows back quickly compared to other wood trees that take years to grow again.

When it comes to decking, recycled paper, recycled wood or wood waste has more environmental impact than using newly harvested timber. These are also great for picket fences. Beams and floors can achieve an antique look when recycled wood is properly treated.

Final words

Whether you have an interest in a landscape project or you want others to get informed of a company that advocates using eco-friendly materials, The driveway Newcastle Pro is always on hand to serve.

Newcastle Driveway & Patio Contractor has been in the landscaping business for many years, and they guarantee that every job is worth the effort. Fixing your driveway or adding a patio in your property doesn’t always make the business receive profit, but it also increases your property’s value. 

You can expect excellent jobs and honest workmanship from the Newcastle team all the time. You can choose from tarmac, gravel, resin bound, block paving, gravel, or concrete for your driveway surface or patio pavements

If you are interested in what they do, check their website or call their representatives through their hotline: 0191 666 0350.