Portsmouth Electricians Provide 5 Steps to Installing a Fire Alarm

The basic but most useful life tips, such as installing a fire alarm, usually come from our friendly electrical system provider. Electricians Portsmouth UK is diligent in keeping the community informed of friendly household tips useful enough to save a life. This time, it will only involve five steps that will equip you of the information regarding fire alarm installation.

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Expert Electricians in Portsmouth Share Valuable Information

When you hire electrical contractors, you expect full support when it concerns safety. With fire alarms, obviously, the reason for installing them is to protect your home. But the integrity of installation will be compromised if it is not done by an expert and trusted electrician. Hence, instead of making your home safe, you might end up alarmed.

What you need to know about the fire alarm system

A fire alarm is an electrical device placed in a strategic location in your home (or commercial building). A fire alarm system is a system that includes the number of fire alarm devices that should work together in detecting and giving warning of an upcoming emergency.

Fire alarms automatically detect the presence of fire, smoke, carbon monoxide and will be activated when a certain level of detection has been reached. They can also be activated manually. Alarms can be in forms of bells or horns and can be activated too by pulling a lever.

Modern fire alarms have features that are easy to control within the house when an emergency is about to happen.


1. Your safety is a priority


Electrician Portsmouth UK wants to make sure that your home is totally safe from all kinds of hazards.Modern living changes our lives, and as people keep upgrading their lifestyle by having more appliances at home, fire can quickly spread if the fire alarm system has not been updated in compliance with local and government standards. Because old alarm systems have obsolete applicability, your electrical contractor needs to ensure your system is in good shape by conducting a periodical inspection.

The two main goals of these steps are to protect your home from fire by reducing the risks and save property and protecting your life from harm due to fire.


2. Know your fire alarms

Fire alarms come in different types. Fire alarm devices vary depending on the need of your premises. You have heat detectors, smoke alarms (ionization and photoelectric), conventional fire alarms, analogue fire alarms, or wireless fire alarms.

Do research on the types and brands of fire alarms. Find the one that suits your budget and your home plan. If your present alarms are more than a decade’s old, it’s time to upgrade, but check what alarm system fits your home or building.

3. Check every corner or layout of your home that requires fire alarms

Fire alarms are highly useful in the kitchen, where most cooking is done (a great source of heat), in the bedroom (most appliances are left open during sleep, e.g. cell phone charge, TV, lamps, hair blower, etc.), in the garage (where most powered tools are kept, or workshop is situated beside the garage that requires high electrical usage).

Install the devices exactly according to the instructional manual as guided by an Electrician Portsmouth UK. It is best to have your licensed electrician do the job.

4. Test the fire alarms

After careful installation, follow the guidelines on how to test the newly installed devices. Announce to your house members and neighbors beforehand that you will be running a test on your alarms so they won’t be surprised when the alarms go off. Besides, alarm devices have built-in controls in terms of volume and duration.

5. Keep the distance

Always ensure that you follow the distance requirement in installing your fire alarms. In the kitchen, for example, the alarm should at least be 10 feet far from any cooking appliance so that it won’t send a false alarm. For distance specifics, check with your fire alarm provider.

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Seek only for the licensed electricians

Electrician Portsmouth UK understands the risk of trusting service providers. Make sure that if you plan to install a fire alarm system in the aim to protect life and property, it is smart to be careful in spending, too. Discussing with a professional, trusted, and licensed electrical contractor will save you from all of these. Clearly, installing fire alarms will cut a hefty budget, but it is a rather good investment. Your keen decision will matter in the end.