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Electric Car Charging Point Installation

Electricians Portsmouth is striving to make the area in Portsmouth and its surrounding towns and cities become sustainable places for the future. That’s why we are leading the way in installing charging points for your for electric cars. Our charging solutions are applicable to all current models of electric vehicles.

Charge your electric vehicle in as little as half an hour or more than 10 hours, depending on your battery size and the speed of your charging point.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Just get in touch with our professional installers and we will arrange for one of our electrical engineers to come over to your place. Whether the point will be installed inside or outside your home, they will help you decide on the most accessible place of the charging point. The work will be carried out based on the schedule agreed upon. And the actual installation is normally easy because it usually taking no more than 3 to 4 hours. Sometimes, less than 8 hours for more complicated panels.

Our electricians are going to open the main circuit or pull it off to make sure the piping is going to the main panel (making room to fit the new breaker intended for the charger).

How is the electric car charging unit installed?

Electricians Portsmouth will install a dedicated circuit to help you charge your electric car giving you peace of mind and will protect your electrical system from possible overload. A single wallbox charger also uses a dedicated service but provides you with a simpler but faster way to charge depending on your vehicle, saving you time and money. Once installed, it couldn’t be easier to use. Some charging units uses key to activate the charger. Just plug in and charge. The use of key access offers another level of safety and prevents unauthorised use, and the unit comes with an easy-to-understand colour-coded display. Ask our staff for the different features of units offered.

The primary feature of the charging unit is it only starts charging when you make a connection to your vehicle, and then it will only draw the amount of electricity your car battery  needs no matter how long you need it plugged in.

The charger and our installation meet all current recognised electrical standards and codes of practice, giving you the safest possible way to charge. We offer a charging solution that is affordable, convenient, and safe solution for a faster charge. Because a smart home requires smarter energy.

Installation is easier if your electrical at home are accessible. Your electrician will check your circuit breaker and will dedicate a slot for the electric charging outlet.

Charging your car at home is as newsworthy as going to the gas station. It is convenient, fast, and energy compliant. Everybody can do it, it won’t be a big deal, just plug your car and that’s it.

An electrical charger dedicated for electric vehicles comes only with a kit. It is easy to install but you need a certified electrician to do it so your electrical system or wiring won’t be compromised. Once the charging is installed and you run a test, the moment the lights lit up, then you’re good to go.

With our company that’s been serving Portsmouth in the UK, our undertaking on every endeavor is always a new challenge even if we have been in the electrical industry for many years. Our daily philosophy is to ensure that our clients are served and satisfied for the kind of work we do. Our expansive services depend on you. Call us today to experience the best electricians in Portsmouth.

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