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Smoke and Fire Alarms in Portsmouth

fire alarm installation in Portsmouth

“When there’s smoke, there’s fire.” Although this proverb is metaphorical, it can be applied literally to our everyday living, and it will keep us away from emergencies.

When we see smoke from our windows coming from a particular place or home, we easily suspect that there is a fire. Fire can take away lives and properties. When we see or smell smoke during the day, we are alerted instantly. Fire can be a thief in the night. When it happens while you are in a deep sleep, the effect of fire can be more dangerous and fatal, as it will rob us of oxygen, and it will be difficult to breathe and wake up.

The Role of Smoke and Fire Alarms

Modern technology and modern living paved the way for the invention of smoke and fire alarms. Fire is both a natural and man-made disaster. To keep us away from the perils of fire in our homes, your electrical builder will suggest installing smoke and fire alarm detectors in strategic locations in your house. These small but amazing gadgets could be our lifesaver from the hells of fire.

Portsmouth Smoke Alarm Installation

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A smoke alarm is a small gadget usually attached to your ceiling or wall to detect smoke. Smoke detectors are more utilized in smaller homes. In a more complex setup, smoke alarms are interconnectedly installed. If your home is big and has many rooms, it is recommended to have each room built with a smoke alarm. Through a central fire system in your home, all smoke detectors are hooked with each other to send a signal to the central fire alarm. Your electrician will ensure that these are correctly installed and connected to the entire home alert system.

Your smoke alarm device will only be activated when it sensed smoke around. The alarm will sound depending on the level of smoke that gets in the chamber of the device to trigger electrical circuits and will emit a high-pitched sound. For people with hearing impairment, some smoke alarms are built with warning lights that will flash when there is a potential fire.

Smoke alarms have two types: the ionization smoke detector and the optical smoke detector. These two types of absolutely sound and function differently. They differ in their pattern of detecting smoke. The first employs a chemical reaction in terms of identifying molecules that enter a chamber triggering a molecular response which sends a signal to the alarm. The optical smoke detector obviously works through an electronic eye using infrared technology.

Installing a Fire Alarm

For a more extensive setup, fire alarms are used. To understand this clearly, smoke detectors are sensing devices, while fire alarms are built as a system to notify people there is a fire, these are usually manully activated when someone notices a fire. However they can be activated as part of a complete system activated by the smoke sensors. Fire alarms are activated when they received a warning signal and then sends off an alarming sound that will alert the people.

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